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Blogging Software Updated


Wow, two posts in a month. The world must be coming to an end. Anyway, I’ve updated the software running the site, hopefully it will continue to work as I expect :)

New Domain Name


After years of waiting, my name’s domain name ( finally became available. As soon as I noticed this, I of course bought up the domain name instantly. Having nothing better to do with it though, I have simply redirected it to my personal blog here on pyromonkey. Go on, try it out, you know you want to 😀

New Theme


I was sick of the old theme, so I got a new one. I really like this one, so I’ll probably keep it for longer than 2 months :)

Seth MacFarlane


A Scotsman Who Can’t Watch A Movie Without Shouting At It

This once again proves what a comedy genius Seth MacFarlane is.

Follow him on twitter if you’re so inclined: @Seth_MacFarlane

Samsung SSD Awesomeness


Samsung SSD Awesomeness

This is the most awesome RAID array ever. Period.

Respect the Van


Respect the Van

I keep seeing this commercial on Hulu, and I love it. I don’t really know why, but I do :)

Lighting Tables on Fire


This is possibly the most epic conversation I will have today:

(1:34:47 PM) ben: you know, because adults should always be lighting tables on fire
(1:35:38 PM) brainiacemc2: indeed
(1:35:42 PM) brainiacemc2: you’re an adult
(1:36:14 PM) ben: yeah
(1:36:18 PM) ben: D
(1:36:23 PM) ben: and I don’t light tables on fire
(1:36:27 PM) ben: only piece of paper
(1:36:42 PM) brainiacemc2: do you then throw that piece of paper?
(1:36:47 PM) ben: no
(1:36:51 PM) ben: i burn it in a coal stove
(1:36:52 PM) ben: xD
(1:37:27 PM) brainiacemc2: is “a coal stove” code for “all those who defy me” ?
(1:37:35 PM) ben: n
(1:37:36 PM) ben: no
(1:37:37 PM) ben: xD
(1:37:43 PM) brainiacemc2: because I think it should be
(1:37:58 PM) brainiacemc2: A COAL STOVE SHALL PERISH!
(1:38:37 PM) ben: XD

Something, Something, Something, DARK SIDE


Family Guy Something Something Darkside

I’m really looking forward to this episode. That’s also one of my top 10 favorite family guy lines probably “Something, Something, Something DARK SIDE; Something, Something, Something COMLETE”

Mana Mana


Mana mana

I was trying out some of the new features of my Dare, like sending videos to youtube. It records much higher quality than this, but unfortunately verizon limits videos to about 30 seconds, and low resolution. It’s capable of up to 640×480 resolution, but I won’t be uploading anything that high quality until I get my sd card :)

New Presidential Candidate?


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