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Lighting Tables on Fire


This is possibly the most epic conversation I will have today:

(1:34:47 PM) ben: you know, because adults should always be lighting tables on fire
(1:35:38 PM) brainiacemc2: indeed
(1:35:42 PM) brainiacemc2: you’re an adult
(1:36:14 PM) ben: yeah
(1:36:18 PM) ben: D
(1:36:23 PM) ben: and I don’t light tables on fire
(1:36:27 PM) ben: only piece of paper
(1:36:42 PM) brainiacemc2: do you then throw that piece of paper?
(1:36:47 PM) ben: no
(1:36:51 PM) ben: i burn it in a coal stove
(1:36:52 PM) ben: xD
(1:37:27 PM) brainiacemc2: is “a coal stove” code for “all those who defy me” ?
(1:37:35 PM) ben: n
(1:37:36 PM) ben: no
(1:37:37 PM) ben: xD
(1:37:43 PM) brainiacemc2: because I think it should be
(1:37:58 PM) brainiacemc2: A COAL STOVE SHALL PERISH!
(1:38:37 PM) ben: XD

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